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News stories are perfectly complemented by the testimonies of eye witnesses and experts in a particular area. Identify the main actors and give them specific concise questions so that the answers helped you to Supplement the information in your article.
Pre-arrange a meeting with a group of people or a person from whom you want to interview. You can conduct an interview in person or over the phone. Use the interview to confirm the data you have collected. For example, you're doing a story about the natural disaster that struck a small town and you need to know how many homes were destroyed. For this you can contact the local authorities. If you want to include in the article the witnesses, interrogate the locals. The information obtained in the interviews should not be used out of context. Remember that the people you are interviewing, give you a kind of service. If you intend to publish someone else's speech, make sure that when you publish is not distorted the original meaning of what was said.