Writing Newspaper Article

Continue the main theme. Thus, the sample is written for the newspaper article commented that clearly distinguished the structure of the text?

 For clarity, I divided it into 4 paragraphs: Header. In my example, he point, as the text is not "independent". All titles are written without a point. The lead or introduction. The purpose of this paragraph, to intrigue, to describe the General meaning, but not to reveal the entire contents. The main part. There is already disclosed details. The final part. In the sample it serves one purpose — to make the visitor a regular reader by promises to provide in the future an interesting thematic information.

High-quality text, ideally easy to read, it needs to be understandable and fascinating. Therefore it is better to abandon the colloquial sayings, slang and special terminology. The latter is allowed only in specialized publications for members of a particular profession. In other cases, the congestion tropes and similes makes the text heavy and boring. It is important to use concise sentences that fully reveal the meaning and thought.

The plot and the theme of strategic importance, because some subjects give privileges to the author, because readers are interested to know, for example, how to write a newspaper article. Other issues are more mundane and boring, familiar to local and regional Newspapers can be fed dry or interesting. Every journalist chooses for himself the style and language of the articles, except the periodical, which often limit a flight of fancy. Because the author is always bright and interesting topics that are easy to open and write, and the more grey and monotonous, that require a banal statement of fact.